How should I handle Natural Instinct foods?

As with handling any raw meat, you should ensure that your hands are washed with soap and water before touching anything else. Clean any juice spills to ensure safety for both you and your pets.

Do not allow cross-contamination between surfaces of Natural Instinct foods and cooked meats. Always make sure that your pet’s bowl is washed clean before and after each meal.

Do I need to cook Natural Instinct before I feed it to my pet?

No! Natural Instinct raw feed should be served raw, as intended. Cooking the food means you will be cooking the bone contained in the recipe, which even though it has been ground and minced, may cause even small fragments to become brittle or sharp.

Can Natural Instinct be re-frozen?

Your Natural Instinct order should arrive still frozen. If the food has partially defrosted by the time you are ready to put it in the freezer, you can refreeze it safely. However, if it has reached room temperature it will still keep fresh in a fridge for 2-3 days.

You should store your Natural Instinct food just like you would keep food purchased from a supermarket. Always remember that raw meats should be stored at the bottom of the fridge.

How long will Natural Instinct keep?

If frozen, Natural Instinct will keep for nine months. Once defrosted we do not recommend keeping it for more than four days in your fridge. Remember, all our food is made from fresh ingredients, so if it smells good enough for you to eat, it is good enough for your dog! You would not eat bad meat, and neither should your pet.

Aren’t bones dangerous for my dog to eat?

The simple answer is no, provided they haven’t been cooked first. You should never feed your dog cooked bones as this makes them brittle and therefore sharp potentially causing serious damage to the gut. It is safe for your dog to eat the raw bones contained in Natural Instinct, as these can be safely chewed. Chewing on raw bones also help to clean a dog’s teeth.

It is important when giving your dog anything to chew that you supervise your dog to ensure no problems occur and to select an appropriate sized bone according to the size of your dog. Do not allow your dog to eat bones which have dried out, as these can also splinter like cooked bones and become dangerous.

Will my pet get worms?

Not if you stick to reputable brands with watertight purchasing strategies. Natural Instinct only buys human grade DEFRA approved meats. A sense of perspective should be retained; your dog is far more likely to acquire worms at the park checking out the pit-stops of other pooches.

Isn’t there a danger of salmonella poisoning with all that raw meat?

We use only human grade meat and therefore the risk is the same as with the meat you buy from the supermarket for your own consumption. All of our meat is tested by Law for bad bacteria. In addition, your dog’s gut is much shorter than that of a human.

This means that even if your dog consumed a piece of bad meat, it will not stay in their system long enough to cause any problems. Your dog has most probably eaten things on a walk that would make a human ill, such as dead fish, birds, the feces of other animals – and, they’ve been none the worse for it.

Still not convinced?

Dogs exist in a bacterial-rich environment every day. Never forget that dogs spend much of their day sniffing other dog’s behinds and licking their feet after they get home from a long walk. From a bacterial perspective, raw food is a mere drop in the ocean!

Natural Instinct use fresh produce which is produced, packaged and immediately frozen down in industrial fast freezers, keeping “bad bacteria” at bay. Natural Instinct food is delivered frozen. Low levels of bacteria stimulate your pet’s immune system, ensuring it is healthy and strong against bacteria.

The same cannot be said for dogs fed on sterilised (processed food).
Pets need a balanced diet too – once again this statement hinges on which brands you align with. Natural Instinct is a discerning blend of top-grade meats, fruit, vegetables and micro-nutrients.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a raw diet for your pet please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why we Advocate a Biologically Appropriate, Natural Instinct Diet
  • Dogs of all ages and breeds love it (a good starting point)
  • Stools regain their shape and are once again pick-upable!
  • Vitality and stamina often improves dramatically, even over a short space of time
  • They smell better (coat, breath and skin) and any adverse skin conditions clear up
  • Dogs on processed food diets need dental work every 2-3 years
  • Pets bloom with our food (i.e. exude vitality, whilst their coats retain their glossiness)
  • Pets on raw food are satisfied after their meal in stark contrast to dogs on a processed diet who get hyperactive and race around the house much like after an unsatisfying ‘junk-food’ fix
  • More variety in tastes & textures
  • The sad truth is that dogs are often diagnosed as ill, whereas in reality they’re simply often not eating well. With issues like obesity, diabetes and heart attacks causing more and more of us to re-evaluate our daily diets and dramatically reduce our processed food intake, it seems foolhardy to impose the same ill-fated quick-fix thinking on our pets!