What is the Raw Diet?

The raw diet takes dogs back to the way they used to eat, although dogs of today have changed visually, their digestive system still remains the same, which is why we get so many dogs not settling with the food we are giving them, kibble is made for our convenience.

Dogs in the wild may look different but are virtually identical to your family pet, sharing almost the same teeth, jaw and stomach. Quite simply, their digestive system is not designed to eat cooked meats, wheat and grains that make up most commercially available pet foods.

Natural Instinct for dogs provides a balanced nutritional and delicious diet. The recipes are packed full of the highest quality, fresh British produce. Ingredients range from a wide variety of human grade raw meats with bones and offal to a selection of fresh vegetables. Natural supplements are also included packed full of additional vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients such as sea kelp, Scottish salmon oil and spinach.

Each portion of the dog food ranges are approximately 80% meat and bone and 20% vegetables and fruit.

How much should I Feed my Dog?


Is it Expensive?

No! A 25kg dog can be fed for as little as £1.30 a day and in many cases the raw diet can work out to be cheaper than using kibble and wet dog food.

More Information

If you’d like to know more about the raw diet you can check out our Raw Diet FAQ, or alternatively get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your queries and offer advice about making the switch.