When shall I take my puppy to be groomed for the first time?

We recommend when they have had their full set of first vaccinations. This can be for their first bath – it gets the puppy used to the noise, smells and surroundings. It should be a nice experience for the pup – they will have lots of hugs at the same time!

How often should I bath my dog?

As often as you like, as long as you use good quality shampoos. Make sure the coat is dried thoroughly to prevent your dog getting cold. Remove all knots before the bath, otherwise they will tighten up with water which will make it harder for you to get them out afterwards. Please research the breed of your dog, feel free to ask us advice.

How often shall I bring my dog to the groomers?

It depends on the breed, breeds such as the Bichon Frise tend to come every 4-6 weeks, the Lhasa Apso every 6 weeks to keep in tip top condition, Spaniels 8-10 weeks, Labradors vary from two months to just twice a year.

All poodle crosses need to come often (5-6 weeks), we do not take on any wool combination coat unless they are prepared to come often. It also depends on how you want your dog to look. For example, it’s not possible for an owner to have a show cut on a Bichon Frise without having it maintained every 4 weeks. This is why you must research the breed you wish to take on.

How long will the groom take?

It depends on how much hair the dog has! The size of the dog and what condition the hair is in are also factors. We have done grooms which have taken us from as little as 40 minutes to as long as four hours! The average is one and a half hours. We work on one dog at a time so they are not here all day. We expect owners to be on time to drop off and collect their dogs to help things run smoothly. There will be a charge for clients that treat us as a dog sitting service, we do not have the room to hold dogs longer than their allotted appointment time.

Can you give me some tips on grooming in between sessions?

Removing a collar can prevent rubbing against the neck, which can cause tangles. Also take off wet collars as it can cause sores around the neck of a dog that is not fully dry. When taking the dog out in the wet brush the coat when you get in – water tightens any tangles and makes them more knotty.

If you don’t have time to brush, run a towel over your dog the best you can – but don’t ruffle the towel making the hair clump together.

You can always pop down if you would like us to clip out mats before they get any worse. If you can brush your dog (many people can’t!) we can advise you on brushes and products to buy – we can also order some in for you if you’d like to try more professional equipment.