With owners realising that dogs shouldn’t be left on their own all day, dog day care is quickly gaining in popularity. Dogs are pack animals and need just as much stimulation as we do. They can get depressed, and even getting a dog walker in once a day to relieve an hour of boredom will help your dog.

An average dog will spend eight hours asleep through the night. He’s given breakfast in the morning and then gets let out for a wee and poo. If he is lucky he’ll get a 20 minute walk, then for another eight hours he is left on his own with nothing much to do but sleep again whilst his owner is at work.

Can you imagine how insane you would feel staring at the same thing day after day? Bring in the dog walkers. Go to doggy day care for a few hours. It doesn’t have to be all day. We can make arrangements to fit in with you and your dogs needs.

Our day care is separated into different sections. This is so we can group dogs into temperament – we see how each dog plays and put them with their friends. This doesn’t necessarily mean we group all the energetic ones together and the quiet ones together – we balance them out to give the less confident dogs a chance to come out their shell, and for the more boisterous dogs to learn how to play a little calmer.

Some older dogs may enjoy younger pups company, whereas others prefer to mooch around, kip, chew and cuddle us! There is no forced interaction and each dog is allowed to participate as much or as little as they like.

Dogs are dropped off anytime after 8am and start going home from 4pm. During the day we keep the dogs entertained with games, fetch, agility and light training. The dogs are also walked in the fields surrounding our premises – we just walk out our door and we are in them!