We are Pretty Paws and we were born in 2005. We now work from our unit in Harrogate and offer a range of services including:

  • Dog day care
  • Grooming
  • Dog walking
  • Pet pop-ins

Amy H


I qualified from Askham Bryan College in York where I studied animal management. The course included breeding, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, behaviour, welfare and rehabilitation, exotics, farm, equine, conservation, pet store and kennel management, and animal husbandry.

I gained experience at a veterinary clinic, pet shop, and at a grooming salon. After this I went on to work as a vet nurse for two years. I also volunteered for the RSPCA for over two years and completed a top-up dog psychology course.

I trained in three of the country’s leading grooming schools before starting my own business in 2005, initially working from home. I have attended seminars all over the country learning new skills and techniques.

I attend many dog shows throughout Europe (including Crufts, Groomer of the Year, and the World Grooming Championships) enabling me to keep up to date with new styles and to gain valuable knowledge from breeders.



I have owned a few dogs including Labradors, Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels. I don’t own a dog currently, though I’m never without one.

When Amy started dog grooming it took off quickly which enabled me to become involved with the business.

Amy trained me on bathing and grooming out, and I was soon ready to start clipping. She taught me a few clips and also enrolled me on a training course where I learned more clipping lines and styles.

It was great starting a new career, especially working with dogs. I attend to the day care side of the business which I love.

It’s so nice having different dogs to play with, and we’re quite surprised at how quickly the dogs settle in with us.

Amy S

After working in customer service for 6 years, I wanted to finally work with dogs as this is close to my heart.

A little different from customer service, a lot more loving but very cheeky and demanding!

Working at daycare has allowed me to take on my own little boy, Ozzi the Labrador and he loves coming to work with me. My duties include looking after the dogs in daycare & preparing the dogs ready to be styled.

I hope to train as a dog groomer as it’s something I really enjoy. Best job ever!!!!



I work part time at Pretty Paws. My job is to entertain the dogs and to keep the place clean and tidy, although it gets messy quite quickly!

I have a two year old Labrador called Henry. When he has been here all day he comes home with pink eyes he’s so tired!


My name is Emily and I’ve just started part time at pretty paws, my job is to keep the dogs occupied, get them out for their walks and to keep the day care nice and clean. I have a little Duck tolling retriever called Margo, she is so much fun and loves coming to work with me! I am very creative and hope my other part time business will be good for all Pretty Paws’ customers, I make collars, leads, bandanas and hope to add much more to the collection! Watch this space!

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